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Theater For All works within the New Hanover County school system, providing free performing arts instruction for programs at Laney High School and through Transitions, a county program for special needs young people finished with high school, but preparing for adult life. 

Please help support this initiative by sponsoring our outreach program!

Theatre For All Summer Camp Video


"Weirder Stuff" from Superstar Summer Filmmaking Camp!

Everyone is a Superstar!


Our Mission Statement


To provide low or no-cost theater arts education to children ages 5-18 in our community of Wilmington, North Carolina.

The Benefit of Theater Arts

Creativity and imagination is important to developing empathy, respect for self and others. Performing builds self-confidence and poise. 


Working together to develop ideas and bring them to fruition in the form of a play or music helps overcome invisible barriers of race, gender, socio-economic disparity.    


What We Do 

Superstar Academy offers after School classes, outreach classes to community schools and children's organizations, specialty workshops and summer camps.


We also offer unique programs for performers with disabilites with courses at Laney High School and ongoing Saturday workshops at TheatreNOW.


Under the direction of Executive Director, Zach Hanner, and his capable team of teachers, children participate in age-appropriate activities designed to give them a forum in which to discover their talent, their expression.  


From writing to acting or dance, composing music or making a film, the classes are designed to draw out the child and help him or her find skills to interpret and understand the world in which they live.

Superstar Academy
After School Classes

Students will learn the physical disciplines of acting including vocal projection, movement, improvisation and simple stage combat. They will also develop skills in creating and writing scenes that they will, in turn, perform.


In addition to some basic theater history, participants will learn technical aspects of theater, stagecraft concepts and handy skills like how to tell a good joke.

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