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Board of Directors 2014


ZACH HANNER is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in Performance Studies. He has worked in the entertainment business as an actor, writer, director, producer, musician and teacher for the last 22 years. Zach's original play, #Alice: A Cautionary Technology Fable, won StarNews Media's 2015 Theater Award for Best Children's Theater Production.  However, it is his work with young people as a guide and creative influence that brings him the most joy.  


DYLAN PATTERSON teaches creative writing, composition, and literature at Cape Fear Community College. Dylan has worked with adolescents and children through agencies such as The Methodist Home for Children and The Wilmington Treatment Center. He is particularly interested in how Superstar Academy can provide theater education for young people with disabilities.


SUSAN JOHNSON, Marketing/PR maven, social media explorer and avid promoter of outstanding businesses, locations, and events. As owner of Sakisaki Marketing, Susan is putting her expertise to work spreading the word about the value of performing arts education and generating support needed to fulfill kids' creative dreams.


DAVID ZUKERMAN is a well-respected Certified Public Accountant but an actor at heart.  He lends his skill and talent in both arenas to help futher the mission of Theater Network of Wilmington of introducting our community's children to the arts.

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