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Superstar Academy Promo

Dig this great video about all the cool things happening at Superstar Academy!

Are you interested in acting? Ever thought you'd like to be in a play? Or a movie? Or maybe you're just looking for a way to have some fun? Then maybe you should try Superstar Academy!


Learn more about all our exciting AFTER SCHOOL CLASSES !


Superstar Academy's first full-length production debuted October 2014



Movies written and acted by Superstar Academy's students
during our week-long summer camps.

The Vaulted Secret

A Superstar Academy Summer Camp Production

Mega Mall Invasion

What starts out as another boring summer day becomes a sci-fi horror when the mall is invaded by aliens

A Killer Birthday Party

Three friends plot to give their pal a birthday she'll never forget! 

Super Monster Magic!



 A film by Ms. Doyle's 6th Grade Language Arts Class
of Williston Middle School
one of Superstar Academy's School Outreach programs
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