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A&E star Big Smo visits Superstar Academy

"Imagination can break down walls," singer Big Smo told kids at Superstar Academy's summer camp today. The "hick-hop" artist is in Wilmington for two concerts this weekend but he and his band, Haden Carpeter and Dan Nelson came straight from the airport for a visit that lastest more than an hour.

Big Smo shared his experiences as a young aspiring singer and rapper, even showing a video of himself at age 12, emulating Will Smith, as well as imparting advice on how to follow your dream while staying true to yourself.

The musicians played a song they had only recently written for the assembled kids, parents and press and explained their collaborative process. And, in the spirit of collaboration, Big Smo, Haden and Dan joined instructor, Zach Hanner, as he led the kids in a game called "the machine" where he created a beat box and all of the group picked up the rhythm with a different sound.

Soon it was time for the band to go on their way, but not before taking selfies with everyone and promising to return next time they're in town.

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